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December 2016 Newsletter

December 07, 2016
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APAA Philippine Copyright Committee Report

Preliminary Statement There are no significant changes in the legislative and procedural landscape of copyright protection and enforcement in the Philippines. Copyright remains a nascent field in intellectual property rights protection in the country, evidenced by the small number of registrations issued from 2011...

  • Atty. Bienvenido I. Somera, Jr.
    Atty. Dino Vivencio A. Tamayo
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Philippine Group Designs Committee Report

Updates on Legislation, Administrative Issuances, Jurisprudence, and IPO Decisions The Philippine Congress has not passed any new law, nor has the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (“IPO”) issued any new set of rules and regulations, pertinent to designs...

  • Atty. Eduardo C. Escaño
    Atty. Richmond K. Lee
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Emerging Rights

The Protection of Traditional Knowledge

Special Topic: “The Protection of Traditional Knowledge” Is ‘Traditional Knowledge presently protected as a form of IP right in your jurisdiction? Is there any other legal basis (e.g. equivalent legislation, policies or guidelines) in your jurisdiction that provides...

  • Atty. Abelaine T. Alcantara
    Atty. Maria Teresa M. Trinidad
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APAA Patent Committee Country Report

Filing and Grant Statistics Based on the statistics provided by the Philippine Intellectual Property Office, Invention Patent Filings increased by 1.1% from 3,287 in 2014, to 3,323 in 2015. Invention Patents Granted increased by 0.5% from 2,022...

  • Atty. Llewellyn L. Llanillo
    Ms. Mari-Len Montoya-Capisanan
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Patent Eligibility – To Be or Not To Be

Introduction Patent eligibility is, without doubt, a fundamental requirement whether to confer an exclusive right or not with respect to an invention. Patent eligibility is also functions as a gatekeeper or threshold to proceed to further patentability...

  • Atty. Llewellyn L. Llanillo
    Ms. Mari-Len Montoya-Capisanan
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2016 – Study Question (Designs)

Does your Group's current law provide for an intellectual property right (registered or patented) that specifically protects the outward appearance or ornamentation of...